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International Cycling History Conference
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Znojmo, Czech Republic,  June 18-22, 2019


City: Znojmo, south-east part of Czech Republic. An old city close to the Austrian border that is famous for its wine.


Conference Center: Loucký klášter (Loucký monastery built in 18th century), Loucká street. The monastery is property of the Znovín winery with nice wine cellars and a Conference Hall.


Lodging in Znojmo: Individuals must make their own lodging arrangements – See list of Hotels and other accomodations that are available.


Dates: Tuesday – Saturday: June 18 – 22, 2019. Tuesday afternoon (Registration); Wednesday through Friday (Conference and Special Events); and Saturday (Special Event).


Connections: The easiest connection is via Vienna airport. The distance between Vienna and Znojmo is about 90 km (55 miles).


Flixbus bus service runs 3 times a day between both cities, it takes 1 h 15 min and costs 250 Czech crowns (10 EUR, $ 12). Find more information at:


To get from Prague to Znojmo From Prague, your best choices are to take a bus (information can be found at Student Agency or Flixbus web sites) or by train (you have to change trains in Brno, the main railway station: There is construction on this route, so it’s a little bit complicated and there may be some delays.


Accommodations: The attached pdf is a list of possible accommodations: Accommodations


Because the monastery is about 1 mile from the city centre, a bus will be prepared for those who wish to use it, and this bus will leave from front of the monastery to take them to the city.