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International Cycling History Conference
Offering historians a forum to exchange their findings and ideas                ©2014-2017 ICHC

Past Conferences

26th 2015 Entraigues, France (Français)
26th 2015 Entraigues, France (English)
26th 2015 Entraigues, Frankreich (Duetsch)
26th 2015 Entraigues, Francia (Italiano)
25th 2014 Baltimore, Maryland USA
24th 2013 Lisbon Portugal
23rd 2012 Roeselare Belgium
22nd 2011 Paris France
21st 2010 Prague Czech Republic
20th 2009 Freehold, NJ USA
19th 2008 St. Etienne France
18th 2007 Tampere Finland
17th 2006 Toronto Canada
16th 2005 Davis, CA USA
15th 2004 Vienna Austria
14th 2003 Canberra Australia
13th 2002 Münster Germany
12th 2001 San Remo Italy
11th 2000 Osaka Japan
10th 1999 Nijmegen Netherlands
9th 1998 Ottawa Canada
8th 1997 Glasgow Scotland
7th 1996 Buffalo, NY USA
6th 1995 Stellenbosch South Africa
5th 1994 Cambridge England
4th 1993 Boston USA
3rd 1992 Neckarsulm Germany
2nd 1991 St. Etienne France
1st 1990 Glasgow Scotland