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International Cycling History Conference
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Volumns 1 (1989) through 26 (2015)

Prepared by Gary W. Sanderson


Part A. Index by Author -- pp. 3-24

Part B. General Index of Subject - pp. 25-60

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The following past proceedings can be purchased by emailing the contact below. The cost below does not include postage. All orders will have postage added to the price.


Robert Van der Plas ([email protected]) is mailing copies from the United States and can offer a 15% discount on orders of 3 or more.


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Copies of all volumes of the proceedings of the International Cycling History Conference can be found in the United States Library of Congress, Washington, DC (U.S.A.), and in the British National Library in London (England). Access to these documents can be accomplished by following the directions outlined as follows:

For the U.S. Library of Congress:

Scholars will find all volumes of the International Cycling History Conference Proceedings in the collection of the United States Library of Congress in Washington, DC. To view Library materials, you must have a reader registration card, which is free but requires an in-person visit. Once registered, you can read an ICHC volume by searching the online catalog for the appropriate call number and then submitting a call slip at a reading room in the Library's Jefferson Building or Adams Building. For detailed instructions, visit

For the British Library:

The British Library holds copies of all of the Proceedings from Volume 1 through Volume 25. To consult these you will need to register with The British Library for a Reader Pass. You will usually need to be over 18 years of age. You can't browse in the British Library’s Reading Rooms to see what you want; readers search the online catalogue then order their items from storage and wait to collect them. This will usually take a minimum of 70 minutes for items in the main building or over two days for material stored off site. The Reading Rooms are for individual study and items cannot be removed from the Reading Rooms.