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International Cycling History Conference
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A "CALL FOR PAPERS" to be Presented at the -

29th International Cycling History Conference

June 13-16, 2018‬

Guild Hall, London, England, U.K.

2018 Call for Papers - PDF

ICHC Guidelines for Preparation of Papers for ICHC Proceedings - PDF

The 29th ICHC Conference will take place on June 13th through June 16th in rooms within the splendid Guild Hall in the centre of London. This Conference is being organized to provide a venue for delivering presentations on any aspect of the history of cycles (bicycles, tricycles, and related vehicles) and related subjects. All persons delivering papers will be allotted 30 minutes, which allows 20 minutes for an oral presentation and 10 minutes for a question and answer period with the audience. All papers should be prepared for delivery at the Conference using Microsoft’s PowerPoint program, and these papers should be brought to the Conference on Flash Drive Memory Sticks, to be projected on a screen viewable by the audience. All equipment needed for MS PowerPoint presentations will be provided by the Conference Organizers.

Person’s interested in making presentations at this Conference must submit an abstract of their presentation [transmission in digital form (by email or on a flash drive) is preferred] by May 1st for review to:

  1. Gary W. Sanderson, Chairman
  2. 29th ICHC Program Committee
  3. 63 Fells Road, Verona, NJ 07044, U.S.A.
  4. Email:

The authors of papers submitted for presentation at the Conference will be notified of their paper’s acceptance by May 10th.

It is our intention that all papers presented at the 29th ICHC will be published in Cycle History 29, The Proceedings of the Conference. Accordingly, a copy of the written text of each paper, and copies of all illustrations used in the presentation, should be submitted to Gary W. Sanderson (address shown above) as soon as possible after the close of the Conference, but no later than 16th August 2017.

Guidelines for Preparation of Papers for Publication in the Proceedings of the 29th ICHC are attached to this Notice. It is important to carefully follow these Guidelines.

Above Photo: Raymond Henry (FR) and Anne Henry (FR) in conversation outside the 28th ICHC in Mannheim, Germany. (Photo by Renate Franz)